Ruth & Matt have both battled with the highs and lows associated with PTSD. Matt was in the Australian Army for 10 years and Ruth was a witness to the Bali bombings in 2002 and worked within Emergency Response. Over the years they have risen above addiction, suicidal thoughts, rage, sadness, depression and anxiety to now thrive on the daily. 


 Our personal MISSION is to help all the hearts and minds suffering from trauma across the globe. We want to show you no matter where you are on your path you can THRIVE again. We are here to HOLD SPACE for you and your loved ones.


Ruth and I talk openly and honestly about our struggles with PTSD and the holistic tools we have used to heal ourselves. We will also interview some amazing humans that will assist you on your journey to thrive.


We have built loads of PTSD specific meditations. We meditate every day and this is the foundation of how we thrive. It keeps us grounded and allows us to face our own shit on the daily. With greater awareness you can fast track your progression.

Relationship tools

We get holding space for someone with PTSD can be very confronting. Unconditional love is where its at, follow our lead and see how we take radical responsibility in our relationship.

Nutritional info

Ruth has studied many different health and healing modalities and has channeled her energy into our eBooks on adrenal fatigue and how to eat to support PTSD. Read about the best foods we can eat to help our body heal. A healthy body supports the mind and allows the heart to heal.


PTSD Awarness

Matt’s downward spiral lasted for many years before he was even aware of what PTSD was. Like most soldiers we feel that we are not worthy of help and assistance. We are here to let you know that you are so worthy of all the help you need.


We run awareness and meditation workshops all over the world, everywhere from schools to first-line responders and military bases. Please reach out if you would like us to run a workshop for you.

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relationship tools

workshops world wide

Its time to wake up 

Stress and trauma are having such a large effect on the population! The national suicide for serving and non serving members is a current reflection of the large change needed within society to combat new stress within our life.

After personally serving on multiple deployments over 10 years I too have had suicidal thoughts.  Healing and getting your life back together can be tough. Often the path set by Veteran Affairs can surface old wounds and continue the story of PTSD. Through diet, meditation, breath-work as a foundation we can start to release the stress and the trauma of yesterday and move forward. Once we step forward and remove the label of PTSD we can create a limitless life with endless possibilities. 

  • AUS VETERAN Suicides double the national average x 2.2
  • AUS VETREAN SUiCIDEs since 2017 – 84

From Our Clients

Please hear from a few of the people we have assisted on our journey.

Ruth and Matt are just beautiful humans. Dynamic and honest, this loving couple hold space for people going through the varied experiences of life. Compassionate, caring and non judgemental they are the type of people that you just want to spend time with getting real about what’s REAL. They dedicate their lives to being the best versions of themselves so they can then assist in the up-leveling of others. Can’t wait to see these superstars again

Lou - Australia

Matt, ruth and their beginners meditation course definately came at a time when I most needed it. Their passion and dedication to sharing this amazing life tool in meditating really opened me up to a new and exciting life experience. meditating has allowed me to find a sense of calmness I didnt know existed within me and what I could only describe as a real sense of balance again. its definately a journey that involves commitment but I wish more men in particular would meet these two amazing people and just spend one day on their basic meditation course. It really is that first step to becoming the best version of yourself

Paul - Australia

Matt and Ruth have a passion for sharing love.  Their course was exactly what I needed. I walked into a space feeling dull and rather disconnected; and in a few short hours the knowledge found in this beautifully constructed course(and it’s teachers) had transformed my day into a vibration of inspiration. Thank you guys for the eye opening experience and the welcoming compassionate energy.

Lena - Australia

“Hello!! I loved sharing my day with both of you! You inspired me so much and made me realize again that I’m in the correct path and meditation is another seed that I need to plant and watering everyday.
From that day I’ve been meditating every morning with the app you told me and it feels so good!
I would love to spend more time with you, I think there is so much to be shared!”
Maria - Spain